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American Dog Rehab
Danielle Robbins, M.S., P.T.
Certified Canine Rehabilitation Specialist
10441 Roselle St., Ste. D
San Diego, CA 92121

Danielle is the best! Knowledgeable, caring and great with whippets! I've had some problems keeping Matt sound in higher level agility, she spent an hour and a half going over every inch of Matt to find and treat his problem(s) and gave us several exercises to help with his conditioning. We continue to see her about every two months just to make sure he is at his athletic best. Whenever we visit Danielle, we see many top level agility and obedience friends and competitors who also want to keep their dogs in the best of health.

In the same location is Dr. Sosna of Animal Acupunction and Rehab Center. AARC offers acupuncture, physical rehabilitation, and hydrotherapy using an underwater treadmill, as well as Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, and laboratory testing. Because the AARC is owned and operated by a fully licensed veterinarian, a referral is appreciated, but not required. -- Christine DeClerk

Did you know there is a Animal Ambulance in San Diego County!?

San Diego's companion animals can now get life-saving services usually reserved for people. Animal Ambulance has arrived in San Diego County to help transport pets in need of critical medical support. When a pet needs oxygen, fluids and first aid, Animal Ambulance can be counted on to provide these services, and transport an injured or ill pet to a veterinarian. Animal Ambulance can easily transport pets that are non-ambulatory, severely injured or in respiratory distress directly and safely to the hospital. They also offer home euthanasia services.

Companion Petcare Professionals
Dr. Nancy Bushnell
1466 Encinitas Blvd.
Encinitas, CA 92024

For 20+ years Dr. Bushnell has taken care of my dogs and cats, breeding animals as well as pets. She has eyes like a hawk and memory like an elephant and remembers the details of all my animals better than I do. She leaves no stone unturned, and if she is not absolutely sure, she will call all the experts. I always leave her clinic having learned a lot myself and with the best treatment and decisions for the animals. – Eva Engvall, Tangens Whippets

Country Pet Clinic
Chamkaur S. Brar, D.V.M.

2525 Alpine Boulevard
Alpine, CA 91901
On-call 24 hours

Rachel and I have been taking our dogs to Dr. Brar since 1998 when we moved to the Alpine area and have been most satisfied with his care and concern. His home is adjacent to the clinic and he has made himself available day and night. He has a very caring staff that we have grown to consider as friends. He treats a number of whippets in addition to our “posse” plus other sight hounds in the area. We feel that you will receive the type of care that you desire for your animals. -- Henry and Rachel

Governor Animal Clinic
Dr. Kirk Feinberg

3240 Governor Drive San Diego CA 92122 858-453-6312

In over 20 years of owning dogs, Dr. Feinberg is by far the best vet we have encountered. A graduate of UC Davis, he uses both western medicine and naturopathic remedies to treat his animal patients. He has spayed both of our girls and is very aware of the special anesthesia requirements for whippets as well as all of the other aspects of the breed. He has been a guest speaker at one of our whippet club meetings on the topic of over vaccination and titer testing and he is always on top of the latest techniques and treatments. In addition, he has the greatest bedside manner. He's gentle and caring with our dogs and we never feel rushed or leave with unanswered questions. Governor Animal Clinic is a full service clinic, the office staff is great, and there's even a painting of whippets on one of the walls when you walk in. There are 3 other vets in the office, but if you want the best care for your whips... ask for Dr. Feinberg. -- Wayne and Debbey Bartos

Harmony Animal Hospital
Dr Candy Lewis
3994 Park Blvd (SW corner of Park & Lincoln)
San Diego, CA 92103

Just want to add my 2¢ about Dr. Lewis & Harmony Animal Hosp. Dazzle gashed open her wrist at Fiesta Island. Our regular vet, Dr. Feinberg was not in so we took Brooke's recommendation and tried Harmony Animal Hosp. What a pleasant surprise. There was a greyhound in the waiting room which made Dazzle feel right at home. Dr. Lewis knew what she was doing and treated Dazzle so sweetly. They had to put her to sleep in order to clean the wound and close it, but thankfully no bones were broken, just a real deep tear down to the joint capsule. I really liked Dr. Lewis, she's very down to earth and to the point and definitely knows sighthounds. The cost didn't kill us either like it would have at the ER. It was a good experience and I'm glad to have a wonderful back-up now. -- Debbey Bartos

Dr Lewis has been fantastic through Cat's recovery. She's also the vet for the Greyhound rescue of SD so is very familiar with treating sight hounds. -- Brooke Carlson

Oceanside Veterinary Hospital
2960 San Luis Rey Road
Oceanside, CA 92054

I searched long and hard for our Vet, and for basic vet care he is fabulous. One of our Whippets, Tigre, had Hemangiosarcoma, and whenever growths re-occurred he performed the surgeries. He does a great job and he is reasonably priced. -- Pascale Jones

Sunset Cliffs Animal Hospital
4741 Point Loma Ave
San Diego, CA 92107

Our vet we had used for years sold his business and we wanted someone close to our house. I had heard lots of good things about them and scheduled appointments with a few vets and we were happy with them right off the bat. They are a husband wife team, Dr. Christy Berg who grew up in Bonita and her husband Dr. Edwardo Acosta, who grew up in Puerto Rico. They are a very special team that knows sighthounds and make you feel like you have the BEST dogs in the world. They are also sensitive to the rips and tears we get from running our many dogs at Fiesta Island and always manage to fit them in spur of the moment. Did it help that we told them we would make their house payment for them when we first met them? Who knows, at any rate, they take very good care of our dogs. When we had our last litter (C-section I might add), Dr. Berg was wonderful about coming to our house to check on them and give them their shots. They are also very in tune with behavioral issues, which we do have as a pack. We are very comfortable recommending them to any other whippet owners. -- Sonny and Barbara Wakefield; Sonara Whippets

Have you had a good experience with your vet, surgeon, or clinic? We would like to start compiling a list of member-recommended resources for our dogs to include in the Helpful Links section of the newsletter. Please email the following to if you have information you'd like to share.